Friday, February, 3, 2023

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If you want to pay for a shirt using PayPal, follow these steps:
1. Select a shirt size from either drop-down and click the [Add to Cart] button. A new browser window or browser tab will open for PayPal where you can select the quantity for each size you've added to the cart.
2. If you want additional sizes then simply return to this page and [Add to Cart]. The PayPal Cart window or tab will then be updated.
3. PayPal will automatically determine shipping changes for shirt orders of up to two shirts.
4. Fax or email this order form so your shirt can be shipped to you.

For those who wish to pay by check, fill out the order form and fax or email it in and drop your check in the mail. Please note on your order form that your check is in the mail.

For those who will be having their shirts shipped to them, please add $6.50 for one shirt or $10 for two shirts. For orders to be shipped with more than two shirts, please contact Amber Armstrong for pricing.

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