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Women in Code Enforcement and Development Chapter Meeting
ICC Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Convention Center
Monday, September 28, 2015

President, Eirene Oliphant called the meeting to order at 5:35PM (PDT).

Officers: President, Eirene Oliphant, MCP
Vice President, Amber Armstrong, CBO
Secretary/Treasurer, Kecia Lara, CFM
Past President, Shirley Ellis

The following individuals were in attendance: Lorraine Ross, Julie Ruth, Sandi Morris, Cindy Davis, Beth Scanlan, Sean Farrell, Elizabeth Arrington, William King, David Beahm, Pete Mensinger, and Brenda Thompson.

SECRETARY - Shirley motioned to approve the September 28, 2014 minutes and Julie seconded. The minutes were approved and adopted.
TREASURER - The balance as of 9/28/15 is $2,132.53. Shirley motioned for the Treasurer's report to be approved as submitted and Julie seconded. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Chapter Training Benefits-Julie mentioned a webinar as a source of training. Shirley stated that she will take on obtaining information on having a webinar, using preferred providers/non-preferred providers, and our training voucher.
Shirley and Lorraine suggested that WICED do an educational session at the annual ICC Conference. Cindy recommended we contact the ICC Educational Chair.
Julie asked for ideas on how to promote WICED. David explained how he made his organizations aware of WICED.
Shirley and Kecia discussed working at the Orange County Habitat Build Day. Amber had a company sponsor a car for the Habitat Build Day. Eirene is working the Kansas City Habitat for Humanity group. Shirley suggested we get shirts made for future Habitat Build Day. Shirley motioned to donate $500 to Orange County Habitat and Kecia seconded. The motion was approved.

Sandi and Cindy discussed the Bylaws for the VA Chapter of WICED. They have reviewed the national bylaws.
Eirene stated that it was suggested to have the membership fees for the VA Chapter structured by the number of members.
Cindy motioned that the subchapter pay $250 and the 1st year's fee be waived. Revisit the fees and reconsidered the fee amount after the 2nd year. Lorraine seconded. Cindy amended her motion.
Shirley motioned to approve the VA WICED Chapter Bylaws with the acception of the name change. Approval is contingent upon approval of WICED bylaw changes. Julie seconded.
Shirley motioned to approve the proposed bylaws as accepted.
Discussion on ratifying the propose changes
Shirley motioned to adjourn the meeting and Julie seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kecia D. Lara, Secretary/Treasurer

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